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Hammerites vs. Mechanists Battle (demo)

by Yandros Released July 24, 2010 Version : 1.0

This little demo mission was made just for those who find it fun to watch Hammers and Mechs go at it.

· There are no objectives. · You can zoom around just above the battlefield to view the action from a bird’s eye view, or for those who prefer being in the midst of the action, frob the button in your inventory. Don’t worry, all AI will be neutral towards you. · When the battle is over, just restart the mission to see it again. Or, quicksave just after starting and then you can just quickload to restart. · I have played through dozens of battles and think the sides are fairly well balanced. Sometimes it is very close with just one survivor, and other times one side really routs the other. Most of the time, the ranged weapons (spellcasters and archers) are the last ones left as the infantry get taken down faster because they take lots of direct damage.

I had the idea of making it an “eternal battle”, where new combatants are spawned as their brethren die, but didn’t want to take the time to rig that up if people think it’s fine the way it is. Besides, you’d never know who won that way. :-)

Hope you enjoy !

Credits : Test Validation : Nightwalker

Most Hammerite resources taken from the Hammerite Mission Development Kit Improved Hammerite icon by Nameless Voice from the EP New bloodstain by Dave Guerrea Ambient taken from the Thief 1 Assassins mission

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