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Hammerite Mission Development Kit - Par Yandros
18/07/07 - Pour DP2 - 42 Mo


Le fichier

Hammer_7 voice acting lines by Don Willadsen aka DLW6

Version 1.1 with format and noise corrections, August 2006.

These sound files are intended for Thief series Fan Missions, and are free to use for nonprofit purposes if you credit me. I would also like an email so I can play the level you create.

This voice set introduces singing. The songs are based on Hammer Tenets for lyrics and are sung to a variety of medieval and liturgical tunes. The OMs include Hammer 1-3, so "hm7..." seemed a safe filename.

Alert0 songs :

Then did the thief cry
to the master "release me,
for I repent, and shall do good for all my days"
then did the master strike the thief’s hand
from him with the blade.
And the master said "do good,
for thy repentance has been paid."

Hadst I a hammer, wouldst I hammer in the morning. Wouldst I hammer in the evening, all over this land.

To use thy chisel is to blunt its edge ’gainst the stone.
To not use thy chisel is to waste its edge.

When the Builder walks before thee and builds for thee a fortress,
wilt thou go inside and shut the door ? Or wilt thou say "Yes, and now shall I raise one of mine own !

Guard thy tongue from falsehood as thou gardest thy purse from a jackablade.
Guard thy hand from misdeed as thou gardest thy house ^from firelighters.
Guard thy heart from doubt as thou gardest thy tools from ^corrosion, for thy faith and thy tools are the ^best that thou hast.

Mortar cannot hold when the stone is not strong and clean.
Before beginning thy endeavors, look to thy material, both physical and spiritual.

A stroke of thy chisel, once made, canst not be undone,
but a stroke thou dost not make from fear is a far worse flaw.

The Builder gave thee the raw stuff of thy life
make thou a great work of it or thou mock^est His gifts.

The proof of the wall is it stretcheth ’bove the height
and lasteth beyond the span of a man.

A flaw in the gear will fate it to shatter
A flaw in the beam harbors the termite.

Oh blessed be the hammer and blessed be the anvil
and the chisel, that is pretty good too.

And the heretic did preach love and peace, and the thieves did take his goods,
and the animals did take his life, and his love did avail him naught.

ALERT0 mutterings :
hm7a0mu1.wav Why do so few brothers sing to glorify the Builder ?
hm7a0mu2.wav Methinks my voice doth suffer from this damp.
hm7a0mu3.wav Needs must I write some new songs.
hm7a0mu4.wav Methinks Brother Festus doth not sing so well.
hm7a0mu5.wav Brother Marco doth pay too much attention to the ladies, I must report him.
hm7a0mu6.wav Three hours to shift change, Builder strengthen me.
hm7a0mu7.wav The watch doth pass slowly this night.
hm7a0mu8.wav Verily, this duty doth bite the big one.
hm7a0mu9.wav And the liars were made to feast on the hands of the thieves, and the thieves on the tongues of their liar brothers, and the thieves did cry mightily ’gainst their punishment, but the liars said nothing at all.

ALERT1 : hm7a1_1.wav Who goes ?
hm7a1_2.wav Who comes ?
hm7a1_v3.wav Do mine eyes trick me ?
hm7a1_4.wav Methinks someone comes.
hm7a1_v5.wav Methinks I saw movement.
hm7a1_h6.wav Methinks I heard a noise.
hm7a1_hw7.wav Didst thou hear that ?
hm7a1_hw8.wav Listen, dost thou hear something ?
hm7a1_vw9.wav Didst thou see that ?
hm7a1_vw0.wav Look thee over there.

ALERT2 : hm7a2_1.wav What trickery is this ?
hm7a2_2.wav You, hold !
hm7a2_3.wav You there, hold !
hm7a2_h4.wav I hear thee, knave. Come forth !
hm7a2_v5.wav I see thee, wastrel. Stand fast !
hm7a2_h6.wav Thou gavest thyself away, surrender to me now !
hm7a2_7.wav Halt, or feel my hammer !
hm7a2_8.wav Methinks I shouldst search the area.
hm7a2_9.wav Methinks an intruder creeps about.

Search :
hm7a2_se1.wav I shall discover thee anon !
hm7a2_se2.wav Thou canst not hide for long.
hm7a2_se3.wav I can smell thy fear.
hm7a2_se4.wav I can hear thy trembling heart.
hm7a2_se5.wav Thy foul darkness shall not hide thee for long !
hm7a2_se6.wav The Builder shall guide my search.
hm7a2_se7.wav Thy hiding only worsens thy fate !
hm7a2_se8.wav You dare to hide ? Thy fate shall be worse for it !
hm7a2_se9.wav As evil betrays evil, thy darkness will betray thee.

hm7a3_1.wav Strike iron and call forth sparks !
hm7a3_2.wav Strike a man and call forth anger !
hm7a3_3.wav Thy darkness has betrayed thee !
hm7a3_4.wav Drop thy weapons !
hm7a3_5.wav Ask not, "where’s the love ?" now, villian !
hm7a3_6.wav Ask not for mercy this day !
hm7a3_7.wav You there !
hm7a3_8.wav Halt and surrender !
hm7a3_9.wav There he is !

ALERT3 w/ body :
hm7_bod1.wav Thou hast done murder !
hm7_bod2.wav Vengeance is mine !
hm7_bod3.wav Revenge is at hand !

charging :
hm7_chg1.wav There he is, I must take him !
hm7_chg2.wav There he is, he must die !
hm7_chg3.wav Chaaaaarrrrrggggeeeeeee !

shooting :
hm7a3_atb1.wav Thou shalt get the point now, thug !
hm7a3_atb2.wav Catch this if you can !
hm7a3_atb3.wav I have more from whence this came !
hm7a3_atb4.wav Be still, thief !
hm7a3_atb5.wav Thou needest ventilation !
hm7a3_atb6.wav Here !
hm7a3_atb7.wav Right between thy shifty eyes !
hm7a3_atb8.wav I have something for thee !

lost contact :
hm7_los1.wav Run back to thine hole, then.
hm7_los2.wav Live to run another day, coward.
hm7_los3.wav If not today, thy sins shall undo thee anon.
hm7_los4.wav The knave hath more speed than courage.
hm7_los5.wav The thief is more clever than he doth look.

back to Alert0 :
hm7_bak1.wav The Builder doth test my vigiliance.
hm7_bak2.wav All is at peace now.
hm7_bak3.wav Twas nothing, it seems.
hm7_bak4.wav Twas but a gust of wind.
hm7_bak5.wav Twas but a cloud of dust drifting.
hm7_bak6.wav Twas but a spider building her web.
hm7_bak7.wav Twas but a cloud crossing the moon.
hm7_bak8.wav Foolish me, thinking anyone could get in here.
hm7_bak9.wav Foolish me, thinking anyone would dare approach.

frustrated :
hm7_frus1.wav Come here at once !
hm7_frus2.wav My patience will be rewarded, thief.
hm7_frus3.wav Think thee to outwit me ?
hm7_frus4.wav Thy safety is temporary, villian !

torch :
hm7_torc1.wav Tis unseemly that lights should sputter so.
hm7_torc2.wav The acolytes did fail to fuel the torches.
hm7_torc3.wav Tis an odd sound with which the torches die.
hm7_torc4.wav Needs must we replace these with electrics anon.

found body :
hm7_bd1.wav Murder in the Builder’s house !
hm7_bd2.wav Speak to me if thou be alive !
hm7_bd3.wav Who hast done this foul deed ?
hm7_bd4.wav Thou shalt be avenged, brother.
hm7_bd5.wav Murder most foul !

something missing :
hm7_mis1.wav Methinks it was not taken for cleaning !
hm7_mis2.wav Someone plays at mischief.
hm7_mis3.wav Was it not here moments ago ?
hm7_mis4.wav Something has gone missing.
hm7_mis5.wav Whence did it go ?
hm7_mis6.wav What did happen to it ?

security breach :
hm7_sec1.wav We have an intruder !
hm7_sec2.wav Someone has been here !
hm7_sec3.wav Brothers, we must search the area.
hm7_sec4.wav We have a security breach !
hm7_sec5.wav There is a thief in the area.

dead/disabled robot (in a Hammer’s patrol route ? not likely) :
hm7_rob1.wav This machine is damaged.
hm7_rob2.wav What vandal did this ?

death :
hm7_die1.wav So...cold...
hm7_die2.wav Builder forgive my failure...
hm7_die3.wav Brothers, avenge me...
hm7_die4.wav So...dark...
hm7_die5.wav Ohhhhhh
hm7_die6.wav Ugggghhhh

attacking winning :
hm7_atw1.wav Shatter beneath my blows !
hm7_atw2.wav Cower before me !
hm7_atw3.wav I shall break bones !
hm7_atw4.wav I shall crush thy skull !
hm7_atw5.wav Be at peace !
hm7_atw6.wav Thou wilt soon be at peace !
hm7_atw7.wav Embrace thy fate !
hm7_atw8.wav I have you now !

attacking losing :
hm7_atl1.wav My faith strengthens me !
hm7_atl2.wav I shalt gain the upper hand !
hm7_atl3.wav Take this !
hm7_atl4.wav Rrrrraaaahhh !
hm7_atl5.wav Builder aid me !
hm7_atl6.wav Die !

hit by player high HP :
hm7_hhi1.wav Thy pinpricks are of no concern.
hm7_hhi2.wav Thy powers are weak.
hm7_hhi3.wav Thy attack amuses me.
hm7_hhi4.wav What good sport you give !
hm7_hhi5.wav Resistance is useless.
hm7_hhi6.wav Is that the best thee canst do ?

hit by player low hp :
hm7_hlo1.wav Aaaahhhh !
hm7_hlo2.wav Grrrrr !
hm7_hlo3.wav Ooof !
hm7_hlo4.wav Aid me, brothers !
hm7_hlo5.wav Help me, Builder !
hm7_hlo6.wav Lend me strength !

I sound the alarm :
hm7_alm1.wav I must get help !
hm7_alm2.wav I will summon my brothers !
hm7_alm3.wav I need help !

you sound the alarm :
hm7_almw1.wav Thou must get help !
hm7_almw2.wav Thou must summon our brothers !
hm7_almw3.wav We need help !

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