BCB - Par Dark Arrow
11/12/01 - Pour DP2 - 2,81 Mo


Le fichier

You should patch dromed 2 and Thief 2 (not sure is that needed, but...)

The BCB gamesystem includes
- Burrick (thanks to Belboz)
- Crayman and Bugbeast (thanks to Spitter and HunterByNite) ’with bugshots’
- Hammer mage
- Craybeast (all the sounds work now)
- Spiderbeast
- FireElemental
- Holy Font


Unzip the file to your Thief 2 folder.

- Open dromed and load your level and write set_gamesys BCB (In input window)
- Save mission
- Open dromed
- load your level

If you can’t hear any sounds from the monsters recompute pathfinding.

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