Guard Lantern - Par Blutch
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Le fichier

ok,here is a brief tutorial for my guard with lantern Sorry for the bad english,but if anyone want to correct will be appreciated
* create a guard , a lantern and some patrol points.
*select the guard then link it from Guard to Lantern with contains and change data to alternate.
*select the lantern.
delete its renderer/light property
add the renderer/dynamique light property then give it a value of 70
add renderer / Has Refs --->true
add Engine Features / Frobinfo and select "delete" for all the categories

That s all

Now,if u knock the guard,u can choose to move his body or to extinguise the lanterne.
Just 1 thing to note :
If u have the autosearch body on , it will automaticly take the lantern. click again to destroy u can take the body.
if autosearch is off,u can either take the body or destroy the lamp but u will notice a some probleme with the deplacement of the lantern while u move the body. if anyone know how to fix it,it will be cool


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