Jetpack Demo - Par Sluggs
16/04/15 - Pour DP2 - 63,1 Mo


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Description : Jetpack Demo plus resources for FM makers.
Date of release : 16th April 2015
Author : Sluggs (Vaughan Cooper)
E-mail :
You can find me on DeviantArt here -

This level demonstrates a working Jetpack in the game : "Thief 2 : The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios

Use the key in your inventory to unlock the crate and get your Jetpack (which is something else in this demo, as I never got around to making an actual Jetpack model)

There are no special requirements needed to run this demo, so you can use DarkLoader to play it.

There are no goals, so just quit the game when you’ve had enough.

Please note : Your game may crash at certain points due to high poly counts.

Once you’ve had enough playing with the Jetpack, you can check out some other levels that I have included along with this one (found in the Goodies folder)

Feel free to use my levels, models, textures, in your own Thief levels, host them on your website(s), put them on a disc.

- Sluggs

This level is not supported by any game company.

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