Knife Thrower - Par THEthief
13/02/00 - Pour DP1 - 0,1 Mo


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ReadMe.Txt v1.0

This is just a new character I made. Basically it is a guy that throws daggers, watch the daggers spin !

I had to make it so Garrett could not pick up the daggers (he can’t use them anyway) for reasons of alot less messing about on my part. This may be changed sometime and could infact turn into a new weapon for Garrett to use, I was nearly there with this idea but there were some problems implementing it... And currently he won’t attack Garrett to change this, go to Properties, AI/AI Core/Team then change it.

You are free to alter this in anyway you choose, infact I’d say go for it. Learn as much as you can from it then release your own. If you are going to include this in your level a little mention would be nice : )

Feedback IS appreciated and acted upon, thanks.

Have Fun !


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