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14/10/06 - Pour DP2 - 22 Mo


Le fichier

What you can find in this pack...

* 2 unfinished (abandoned) missions by Juliusz Kaczmarek (’PinkDot’), which were the part of some campaign.
miss22 - monastery
miss23 - library (part of the monastery)

To play the second mission (library) you have to complete some objective (to kill the guard at the top of the tower - forgive me that - this objective was made very quickly... ;) ) or you can add "starting_mission 23" command in USER.CFG file.

They’re not fully playbale missions - all you can do is to walk and look around :) I suggest to turn on wheather effects (fog and snow)

You can use it just as a reference for using the objects and textures.

You also need Telliamed’s scripts for some books working - but that’s just to minor thing.

* about 200 textures (.pcx files) sorted in colour families Many of them are variations of some theme (f.e. one wall with diffrent dirt, snow etc.).
Some of them are animation frames for progressive snow falls, used in my contest mission The First Day of Winter.

* about 140 objects. Many of objects are also variations of others.
Among them you can find :
- books (open, closed, partially open - "tent" shaped, hanging from edge - diffrent thickness)
- piles and rows of books (simpler versions were intended to use with bookcases ; for massive use)
- bookcases - empty, with books standing on the shelves in random and regular way - diffrent versions
- all books and bookcases with books are easy to retuxture (with TexReplace property). There are 16 skins for book covers - this gives you possiblity of making really large library with great visual variety.
- tables (3 versions)
- candle - unlit and lit
- torch - unlit and lit (glowing)
- torch handle
- lantern (also hanging version - for AIs) - green and yellow
- wooden scaffolding (several diffrent objects, which you can use for building various shaped scaffoldings)
- cobwebs
- scorch mark (for use with torch)
- collumns - (single and double)
- doors
- metal chandelier - for candles
- ceramic jug
- wall lantern (for outside use) - unlit and lit with 2 version - regular and covered with snow
- stone gate "frame"

* about 80 object skins

* AI monk model (unfinished texture - I can try to finish it if anyone’s interested)

* custom visibility gem (eye that opens and closes)

* custom torch flame particles

* custom snowflakes bitmap (more irregular)

* yellow corona

* and maybe something more...

There is also object_list.txt file in the zip, where you can find the translations of .bin file and texture families names - I hope it’ll make a bit easier to find the object you need.

Small part of objects or textures might be useless or be repeated - sorry about that but eliminating all unnecessary objects would take me too long time... To find an answer about using some objects please take a look into .mis or .gam files or post on TTLG forum or email me at

I hope you find at least some of them useful in your missions :)

Thanks for everybody, who were helping me with struggling with this @$%$@^%$@^ and lovely at the same time level editor called Dromed.

Good luck in dromeding !

Juliusz - "PinkDot"

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