Jocke’s Abandoned Mission - Par Jocke
09/01/03 - Pour DP2 - 4,8 Mo


Le fichier

Too bad I never finished this, it would have been great... For Thief 2. Open in Dromed through Darkloader. Uses GayleSaver custom scripts, first release.


Lots of technichal stuff. Steal all you want.

The coolest stuff IMO :
The elevator with the MOVING guard rails. The buttons won’t work if the doors are open.
The safe. The "combination" is randomly generated. Lot’s of things needed to get in. (Search hammer building !)
The Karras Memorial Garden.
The "subtle reference" to another LGS classic.
The new symbols for the objective screen. :)
The nuclear reactor. :/
The warehouse "climbing game".
The bow upgrade.

I think that’s it. Have fun. Feedback appreciated !
[Insert legal mumbo-jumbo here]

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