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Le fichier

February 10, 2000

Author : Kirk Bezio (Catalyst)
Contact info :
Homepage : none
Date of release : February 10, 2000

Description :

This DromEd only demo contains a collection of some unused/rare models found in mesh.crf and obj.crf. Find out what Garrett REALLY looks like, see an angry (and naked) apebeast, examine the frogbomb, and much much more ! If there are objects you would like to see added feel free to email me with the model names.

Briefing : no

* Play Information *

Game : Thief : The Dark Project
Mission Title : Modelsv2
File name : Modelsv2.cow
Difficulty Settings : no
Equipment store : no
Map / automap : no/no
New graphics : no
New sounds : no
Multi language support : no

Briefing : no

Difficulty levels : n/a

* Construction *

Base : from scratch
Build Time : 5 hours

* Loading information *

Run in DromEd.

* Additional information *

All objects except the creatures were based on the crate object, so don’t be surprised when they act like crates. Feel free to pick any of them up to get a better look. All object/creature names in DromEd are also the name of the model used so you can see them easily. Some are labeled "object#*" because they wouldn’t let me call them anything else, you’ll have to look in the properties for those model names (only 3 like this).

Extra : Make a humanoid creature and add—>shape—>model name—>’expappa’ to see a strange (and buggy) mage.

* Copyright *

Copyright (c) February, 2000 by Kirk Bezio

Permission is granted to freely play and distrubute this level providing it remains whole and intact. This level may not be used as a mode of transportation.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.

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