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=================================================================================== March 24th, 2000 ===================================================================================

Author : Sperry
Contact Info : chiappa1@rogers.com
Homepage : -
Date of Release : March 24, 2000

Description :

It’s really small, so thats why I called it a demo ; you can finish it under 10 minutes. Here’s the general concept, if it can be of use to anyone :

- First of all, it has nothing to do with the Thief story. Garrett is not the protagonist.

- Second, you get to chose who you wish to be : ether a swordsman, an elf or a mage. You make your choice by frobing one of three floating skulls at the begining of the map. Each character have their own weapons and potions, ex : swordsman has a sword and a healing potion ; elf has arrows, a knife, a healing potion, a speed potion ; mage has magic and a large supply of potions.

- You get to explore dungeons (well, a single dungeon in the case of the demo) with an identical layout as that of the Heroquest boardgame.

- I edited monsters to make ogers and skeletons. There are two types of ogers. I basically took a Farcus mesh and dressed him up with a trickster skin. I had 2 different trickster skins (1 green and one yellow) for the different types of ogres. The haunts were the skeletons.

- Finally, the rules are similar to those in Heroquest, except you don’t get to roll a die.


* Playing Information *

Game : Thief : The Dark Project
Mission Title : HeroQuest
File Name : -
Difficulty Settings : Yes
Equipment Store : -
Map : Yes
Auto Map : -
New Graphics : Yes
New Sounds : Yes
Multi-Language Support : No

Briefing : -
Length : -
Size : -

Difficulty Level Info : Swordsman, Elf, Mage !

* Construction *

Base : -
Build Time : -


* Loading Information *

Use Darkloader


* Copyright Information *

Copyright (c) March 2000 by Sperry

Permission is granted to freely play and distribute this level provided it remains whole and intact.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.

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