Monastery Library 3D Maze - Par Qolelis
25/08/15 - Pour DP2 - 9,02 Mo


Le fichier

This abandoned and donated mission is a monastery/library mission and was once known as "Book of Rose". Garrett arrives with the intention to steal a valuable book for a client.

Starting point : "StartPoint" (45)

The terrain is mostly finished (with areas for the high priests, guards, novices, kitchen, sewers, church, food storage, laboratory, training and others included), but no room or flow brushes, not many lights, and only a few other objects (mostly doors, of which some need fixing). No custom resources to speak of (except a few low res textures). No functioning objectives.

The monastery is built as a large group of interconnected towers with lots of spiral stairs and dead ends, and is basically a three-dimensional maze, so some kind of navigation aid is probably needed for it to be fun/possible to move around in (ideas included providing a ball of red yarn or a marking pen).

You can use this mission as a base or as inspiration for your own Thief 2 mission, so long as you credit me (Qolelis) as the original creator.

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