Location Damage - Par Avalon
18/05/01 - Pour DP2 - 0,1 Mo


Le fichier

This is a small demo mission for locational damage. The points where the AI can receive different damages use skulls, and remain visible so that the user can see where each different point of locational damage is.
Note :
The skull placed on his shoulder will damage the AI, and won’t hurt near as much as actually hitting him with your sword directly.
The skull placed on his right ankle has a WaterStim on it, and therefore, he will die instantly when you shoot his ankle with a water arrow.
And, the skull on his left ankle, will kill him instantly when you hit it.
The skull on the floor, will also kill him.
You will also note the problem with using skull objects ; you have to pick them up before you can hit them. Meaning, pick them up, then drop them, and they’ll work. The ones on the AI will work instantly, because it registers them as already having been picked up and dropped, due to the AIs constant fidgeting.
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