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Author : SSB1

This release is a release of two mis files in pre-alpha stage : Forge3.8.mis and Temple 1.4.mis. I will not be continuing work on these levels nor will I continue with Thief gaming as I have lost interest in it. I will give a summary of my story-line below, not because it serves a purpose but so you may get an idea what I had originally envisioned...more like half-envisioned. I believe all the files will extract properly for DromEd but this is not ready for DarkLoader/ThiefLoader.

The Forge3.8 requires the Roker.gam file to be loaded with it because of custom weapons for the player (arrows, flashbangs, mines, etc.) ; the Temple has no custom files and is very small.

The Forge file also has custom ambient loops (music, which I made using Acid Pro 3.0 and 4.0.), custome object names, a custom flashbang sound, schema, and book (for the Forge sign—which can be read by frobbing) which accompany it. The objects are all inventory items requiring no custom objects. You will get one white wedge for a missing object : an anvil which I didn’t include because I couldn’t get it to work properly. It was Schwaa’s anvil which should be available online.

SUMMARY : JESTER’S PAWN Garret is in between fences but happens to run into an old acquaintance whom he knew as Slinky. Slinky goes by his childhood nickname of Jester. He runs a pawn shop (part of the reason for the name of the mission set) and is in the fencing business after an on the job accisent left him unable to continue thieving. Slinky/Jester has a few small jobs which Garrett performs then gives him a doozy. The Baron is having a secret meeting with the Templar Knights to discuss a loan for his war. Garrett is to eavesdrop on the meeting, find out what the collateral will be then arrange to steal it. The collateral will be the deed to the Baron’s mountain villa (or something extravagant). Garrett goes to a fence who specialixzes in custom weapons so he can infiltrate the Temple of the Templart Knights (this is the incomplete Temple file). He infiltrates, retrieves and escapes with the collateral. The Templars find out what has happened and begin turning the city upside down. Slinky/Jester asks Garrett to go and rob the weapon shop where he got his weapons (stealing all records and custom items, and make it look messy) so that there will be no evidence of Roker’s involvement (this was where I planned to use the Forge file). But it is a trap. Once Garrett gets inside, the building is surrounded and he must escape. He digs into Slinky’s files and find out that he double as a thief-catcher by employing thieves and turning them in if they are unproductive or if he is under too much heat (Garrett has been played for a fool, the other part of the reason for the name Jester’s Pawn). Garrett extracts revenge...creatively and without bloodshed of course ;)

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